Simple Rank

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Simple Rank

Mesaj Scris de candy_fear la data de Vin Apr 12, 2013 1:12 pm

Hello guys , in that tutorial I will do a simple rank , so let's start
Create a new composition ( File ~> New ) with next settings :
Width : 145px
Height : 39px
Background: Transparent.

Press the Round Rectangle Tool with 10px radius and make a simple shape
border radius:

Now enter in blending options ( Right click ~> Blending Options / The blank areea , press double click ) and do the next settings
Inner Glow:
After that use Eliptical Marque Tool and select the top of the image , use a white brush and fill them or with bucket , need to have opacity 9% , the result is lower

Now we Add a text , again enter in Blending options and select drop shadow with next settings.

Final Result :

Font is Myriand Pro with 12px
Stroke Colours : #0d68c5
Gradient : #0d68c5 ~> #0b55a0

You can use them for anything : buttons ,ranks , warning bars ,just be creative , hope you like them.

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Re: Simple Rank

Mesaj Scris de Aleecs la data de Dum Apr 14, 2013 3:58 am

It`s simple but easy to make . Like it !

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